Sunday, July 28, 2013

PAMK - "Together it tastes better" - my first round

I think this event is great!! Three bloggers teamed up (Clara from tastesheriff, Jeanny from Zucker, Zimt und Liebe and Rike from Lykkelig) and created PAMK - post from my kitchen! What exactly is it? To participate you can sign up (whether you are a blogger or just a passionate baker or cook doesnt matter) in a given period on . When the deadline passed, you will receive an email with your exchange partner, then its time to be creative. Each PAMK round has a specific theme.

This time: "Together it tastes better - I give you a piece of delicious happiness."

Whether sweet or savory, let your creativity go wild and create a nice package for your exchange partner. This package should then be sent in a given period, or you can meet in person if you live close to each other.
On a Pinterest board you can then inspect the packages sent by most of the participants!
I think the idea is great and I had a lot of fun!

Here you can see, what I sent my exchange partner, Susanne from Villa Kunterbunt ...
Homemade grissini with red tomato pesto as the perfect snack for a drink with friends (recipe), popcorn with a cinnamon-sugar-mixture for the favorite movie with the best friend and a hot chocolate mix with marshmallows to enjoy with a lemon-blueberry-glass-cake for the hopefully little rainy days this summer.
Of course I was very excited about Susanne's package for me - filled with super delicious vanilla toffees and a homemade lip balm! 
Definitely I will join the next round, what about you?

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  1. Danke noch mal für das Stück vom leckeren Glück und der Post aus deiner Küche. Liebe Grüße